Thursday List

  • i just killed a bug on my computer and now there is orange bug guts smeared across the front. i'm probably going to leave it there.
  • speaking of bugs, i have a bite on the side of my knee and it itches.
  • if you live in virginia, today is the absolute most perfect weather. sunny with a high of 75. (if you know it sing along!!)
  • i need to write out my goals for this summer. goals are great.
  • i will always love the smell of sun screen.
  • i'm more than ready to hug my tennessee people.
  • i'm also ready for all this pollen to be out of the air. i'm so allergic to everything right no.
  • having allergies makes me feel like a geez. like i need some nasal spray and glasses.
  • i honestly forgot how much you have to shave your legs in the summer. this is the worst in my opinion.
  • i only get splinters when i stay at my parents house.
  • last night i was helping a friend buy garlic and i bought myself cookies and we sat in the parking lot and i ate like seven.
  • sometimes my self control gets away from me.
  • my mets don't suck this year. neither do the cubs...its a weird year for baseball.
  • this saturday i have a wedding and i think its going to be the most wild weather i've ever experienced.
  • i have a splinter in the bottom of my foot. i think i already mentioned that.
  • there are far to many coffee places in this country i need to visit.
  • i take back the thing about shaving my legs, ticks are probably the worst part of summer.
  • i think i'm learning there is actually no time like the present.
Posted on May 14, 2015 .