Taking a Sick Day

judging by the pile of tissues ever growing around me on this bed, and the fact i'm currently not driving to nashville, i would say this cold is kicking my little butt. its still beyond weird to me that i can get sick in the summer/spring time. that just doesn't seem like it should be a thing. either way, i decided last night i would spend a few more days at my parents trying to recuperate and get healthy before i make that 12 hour drive home. northern virginia, i just can't seem to leave you when i want too. 

so since i have time i thought i would write out a little life update because we all know how bad i've been at keeping up with the blog this last month...and a half.

i left tennessee near the end of march and headed to the sunshine state. my sister leah came with me and we visited our friends from high school, soaked up some much needed sun, and did some work. i was able to shoot my friend Brooke's maternity session while we were there and i loved the way it turned out. i feel like i get to be so creative with maternity's and right now they are absolutely my favorite to do. we hit up some buzzfeed places in georgia and headed to south carolina for more maternity's in the spring time. after that i traveled to maryland for a wedding and a beautiful springy session and then back to virginia for more weddings and a few graduations and maternity sessions. my last wedding was this weekend where i woke up with a cold and had a little bit of heat exhaustion during the wedding. i loved that wedding, but it was for sure the hardest one i've ever worked. i came home and crawled into bed. 

i'm really thankful for what i get to do for a living. i'm really thankful that i have the flexibility to sleep at my parents house for a few extra days and take a big fat chill pill when i need too. i am tired ya'll. really tired. and i miss my tennessee family a ton and the water works could start going any minute but i am learning that wherever God puts me these days is where he wants me to be for a purpose. even if thats just to make me slow down for a minute or something silly like taking care of the dog for a few days. i am thankful for days of rest, i am thankful that when i did get sick, it was at my mama's house. i am thankful for family is many states, for comfortable beds, and for puffs plus lotion. (can i get an amen?!)

also how cute is my friend Chelsea's dog?!



Posted on May 18, 2015 .