A Happy Post

gosh guys. i feel like all my recent blogs posts have been about how i stink at blogging these days, or how tired i am or how i think i might have road rage now.

just kidding, i didn't write about that but i might have it. i'm just saying…the left lane is for passing...

anyway, in an effort to get back on track i thought i'd tell you about some great things or little happenings that made/make me really happy to be alive! starting with this picture that is out of focus but i love it so much. those boys man, they are something else. 

i worked the most wonderful wedding this past weekend. i got to hang out with four of the very best sisters and meet all sorts of new people one of which is an eleven year old boy who taught me how to swing dance. (yes i wanted to keep him forever.) it was just all around wonderful to be a part of. even the cleaning up! we sat around the empty dance floor at one something in the morning and i played the ukulele and sang with my tara. then we ate cake. it was perfect. 

the sun came out! it rains a lot in tennessee if you didn't know, and sometimes i get depressed by it. but when the sun does come out i feel free to run around the yard and cartwheel. side note, i'm learning that cartwheels are no longer effortless. 

i bought four pairs of jeans oops. okay okay, so this month i split the crotch (love that word) of my favorite jeans wide open. there was no fixing it. and i was so so sad because they were actually the most perfect jeans and like most of my other clothes, thrifted so i knew i couldn't replace them. don't worry, i don't think I'm fat now, if anything i think my bonniness killed them… well anyway, today i thought i'd just go look and i ended up finding seven pairs my size in really great brands. i narrowed it down to four. 

no one let me in goodwill again for a month okay? 

finished the new testiment again and thats great because now this bible feels broken in! 

spent some quality time in a hammock and with a dog and i think it was exactly the tharapy i needed. there's just about nothing a good swing and a breeze can't fix. 


i am currently drinking an enormous iced coffee and i laughed out loud when the barista handed it to me. coffee will always bring me joy, i hope it does for you as well. 

that's probably all the news i have for you right now.  happy thursday. i think thats what day it is… i hope your summer is treating you well! 

Posted on June 11, 2015 .