Its Monday Right?

a perk (or a drag) of traveling so much is that sometimes you don't really know what day it is because everything seems mixed up. yes i am aware today is friday, though it sort of feels like a monday and sort of a saturday at the same time. yesterday i drove down to chattanooga tennessee to visit one of my very favorite friends while she was on a missions trip with her church. it was so great to spend time with her and laugh and talk girl talk and laugh some more. she is a gem that one. even though we only got to spend a tiny amount of time together, i left refreshed and also depressed that we don't live closer. 

side note: because i am dyslexic, when i was reading that last sentence again, the word live and closer are next to each other and my brain mixed them and i got the word liver. as in the thing in your body. i couldn't make sense of what i had written. thats just a little peek inside my brain...

so after traveling most of this week and finally sitting down to work today i have a case of the mondays for sure. also my coffee is tasting like bacon again. why does that happen? 

i wanted to say i am sorry for being so detached from this here blog. i miss reading yours. i miss talking to you all. its just a busy season with lots of big decisions and its hard to stay connected here with everything going on. i hope to start doing better, but sometimes life is best lived outside the internet and i'm teaching myself to be thankful for that very thing. 

i read an article a while back and one of the points has really stuck with me. the author was speaking to those in their twenties after college and part of his advise was to not hang out with losers. i'm not sure if those are his exact words but he basically was saying that now is the time to choose your friends wisely. i know we all feel like thats obvious but i think a lot of the time in college you hang out with people because you are thrown together. sometimes its because of housing/dorms, and sometimes its because of classes or study groups. but after college you really have the opportunity to choose who you make a friendship with. the point being made was that yes, i could be friends with a bunch of fun people but what if those people are fun but also shallow? or maybe they are dirty birds or don't really care about Jesus or doing work for the kingdom. i'm not trying to say we should make friends based off of what we get out of a friendship, but the very point of friendship is to encourage, make better people, uplift, push towards Christ, sharpen etc. that list could go on a while. so thats what i've been chewing on this week, do you have any thoughts on the matter? 

well i have to go get actual work done now. this was a nice chat. stay cool and go swimming because otherwise you are wasting your summer. 


Posted on June 19, 2015 .