Caveboys Take Nashville (With uncle Mark)

a while back my (our) cousin mark stopped for a visit on his way to colorado where he was moving to. (so jealous forever.) i can honestly tell you i've never seen the boys love someone that fast. they all were so excited by everything he said and acted like they had known him their whole lives. jonathan was talking to david on the phone and said, "dad, you have to talk to uncle mark, he is SO cool!" it was the cutest.

so while mark was visiting we explored all around nashville! we went to the bp (conveniently on the buzz feed coffee list i needed picture proof of…) and mas tacos and even the old airpark to run around. lots of touristy things including pops at the end of our little romp. it was a ton of fun and so SO funny to watch my nephews sit around with a bunch of hipsters drinking coffee. i loved it. it was a super fun day! also i need to mention at least half of these photos are taken by jonathan age six.  

oh my good gracious is he beautiful or IS HE BEAUTIFUL?!