Kelce & Austin | Married

oh where should i start? kelce has been one of my dearest friends for quite a while! we have done life together so much and drank many a cup of coffee. we always have the best adventures and the first time she talked to me about austin i remember smiling so big because he sounded perfect. 

getting to know austin (spastically!) has been so fun! i love the see the way he loves kelce and the little things he does for her. their life together is so perfect for them and its amazing to see the kind of guy God picked out for Kelc. we truly had no idea in all our giggly silly girl talks during sleepovers. 

now lets talk about this wedding day. i wouldn't exactly label the day perfect. it was uh, a little warm to say the least and have you ever heard of may flies? well i hadn't but they are a thing and i got quite the arm workout waving my hands around my head. but all that to say, the ceremony was a top a hill kelce had dreamed of getting married on since she was little, and it really was lovely up there. the pictures are beautiful. 

the wedding party was the most fun! we laughed so much and those silly boys kept me on my toes for sure! the girls were beautiful deck out in mint and not to mention the bride and groom clean up pretty well. 

the reception was in a barn at the front of the property and during all the festivities and hugs, some children found a pile of dirt and started throwing it high in the air and running through it. it was the most perfect day for this couple! everything was laid back and fun. i would fight those flies to do it all again! 

congratulations again kelce and austin! may the Lord bless and keep you!