Coffee List | Sunergos | Louisville

lets talk about louisville kentucky. no offense anyone who lives there but i know why kentucky rhymes with yucky. the roads stink and gosh that city (at least the parts i was in!) was diiiirty. that being said they probably make one of the better mochas i've had in this lifetime and the baristas are super friendly and awesome. the girl ringing me up chatted with me about the pacific north west and our shared love of good coffee. i honestly tried to convincer her to move, and i'm pretty sure i am/was pretty close. i want everyone to move! moving is fun!

this check off the buzz feed list was such a great spot though, super big hippie vibes and really nice people. if you're ever driving through (or you happen to live there i am so sorry…) you should stop in! its right off the highway and easy to find! 

Posted on July 16, 2015 and filed under travel, Life.