Friday Fun Facts


since i am fairly certain its friday and also because i've been mudding and painting a wall and trying to clean up the old computer (which means i have nothing of great content for you...) i thought i would share some fun facts! 

1. my kitchen looks like a war zone. i really have no idea how i make such a huge mess when i cook. and i'm only cooking beans so how do they explode everywhere and get all over the stove. no idea but it was much worse the other day when i was making spaghetti. good thing its tasty. 

2. we bought a dining room table! its so pretty but we don't have any chairs yet so i am currently sitting at it on a stool much too high. hashtag comfort.

3. hattie B's hot chicken is in fact good when its not hot. (temperature wise.) i ate that for lunch. with a ham sandwich. (thats a joke only one person on the planet gets so sorry...)

4. my sister killed a baby squirrel yesterday while i shrieked and yelled for a boy to help us. that makes her sound mean but the baby had fallen out of a tree and the spine was broken and flies were attacking with a vengeance BUT IT WAS STILL ALIVE. we are not about animal suffering and we knew we had to kill it and oh my gosh it was just the most horrible thing. but Leah is a champ and i almost threw up and that will just tell you about our personalities. 

5. i am almost positive i need a knew toothbrush. mainly because i can't remember the last time i bought one.

Posted on August 28, 2015 .