When Insecurity Rears its Ugly Head...

i am naturally a pretty confident gal. i've learned in photography that human beings are the most beautiful part of creation and God did that on purpose. and let us take a moment to think about the mountains out west and come back to the fact that God made something better than that. i'm a human, therefore i know there is beauty in me, strictly based on Gods creative process. i trust that process because i see it all around me and can appreciate it!  and so i know i am beautiful to the guy up stairs because he created me and thats pretty neat. 

i do not walk around thinking about how steller i am and wow what a job he did when he made me! but neither do i walk around being sad because i am not pretty and boohoo and sob and snot. i'm just not geared that way. 

BUT every once in a blue moon (fun fact they aren't actually blue! thanks NPR) i wake to find the ugly monster of insecurity sitting right on my chest and telling me awful things about the way i look, how old i am, how much i haven't accomplished, how unsmart and broken my brain is. (thanks dyslexia.) 

if i were hearing all this from another girl i would immediately say in my best bon qui qui, *lip smack* "Dont be insecure girllll." and would probably also throw in some Amy Pohler quotes about "HEY, abbey is my friend and you can't talk about her like that." and then i would dive right into "You are fearfully and wonderfully made so knock it off." but thats the funny thing about thought-life. no one hears it but you. and you are able to think whatever you want and get away with it. (kinda.)

and i think that maybe thats why your thought-life is so important. you have to get control in there if you are a lady. you have to be in control (with Jesus amen!) because otherwise things will just run willy nilly and you and i both know, willy and nilly are the worst at parties. they bring everything down and squish it. 

my friend marly was reading to be once about how thoughts are actual chemicals things inside your head. and when you think bad thoughts, the chemicals from them produce more chemicals for bad thoughts. BUT when you think positive thoughts the chemicals from them produce more positive!

say it with me! "WOW SCIENCE!" 

if you are a girl, (and i guess a guy but i'm not sure how your brain works) you are probably going to have bad days. (like me! today! ha!) but we can be so sure that on those bad days God gives the strength to do battle in our own heads. (where we are weak he is what?! STRONG! hooray!!) and maybe sometimes you just have to rebuke your thoughts in the name of Jesus because HE calls you beloved and HE doesn't think you're worthless and oh by the way HE made you (and me) on purpose for a purpose. 

can i get an amen.

Posted on August 31, 2015 .