home is where mom and dad are. where mike or deb or leah or elijah live. where the dog gets in trouble for getting on the bed. (oops.) where the dinner table is big enough to fit everyone and loud enough to split ears. where tea time happens and the smell of dinner makes your mouth water always. home is flannel sheets in the winter and dads sweatshirts to keep you warm. where you sit in front of the fireplace just to stare at the flames licking the logs. its the smell of moms rolls and dad stale coffee, the sound of pete snoring and the clock ticking. 

home is the best place to have a terrible cold, the best place to laugh and probably the best place to occasionally cry. 

friends, i'm so sorry i've been absent. i had great plans of writing again with the new year but since thats come and gone i figured in bed, two days before my birthday, was the perfect time to start. 

Posted on January 20, 2016 .