Mom & Dad

i drove back from my parents house today and slept through almost the whole first season of gilmore girls. i woke up intermittently to blow my nose and add to the giant pile of tissues next to the couch. yea yea, thats just what kind of sicky i am... i apologize. 

on this eve of my 26th (!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?) birthday i am curled up on my couch in my dads sweatshirt, eating my moms chicken noodle soup and thinking about how i wouldn't trade my parents for the world. recently thats been a popular topic with friends, how we do (or do not) always have something to fall back on if we totally fail at life. how someone always has our back and will give it to us straight or stand up for us when we need it. parents are really something else and i'll tell you, just like cheese they get better with age. (thats a joke okay...) 

tomorrow is janurary 22nd and 26 years ago God stuck me in a home perfect for me. with parents who figured out what i needed and would eventually become my bffs. and i'm pretty proud i have them and that they have Jesus. 

thanks for walking with me mom and dad. happy birthday or whatever...

Posted on January 21, 2016 .