Its a Wednesday

i have news for you. its wednesday. this watermelon rind is actually smiling at you and also we are about to have to most exciting weekend. we had to spoil the surprise for my dad because he plans things when we are trying to surprise him for his birthday. but my nephews are coming. my siblings are coming. i'm going to explode with joy. 

the boys got boots this week and they are so excited to wear them to grammy and papaws and i'm gonna be honest, my boots are ready for mud too. we are going to hunt down some cows and i plan on getting totally dirty. 

i'm preparing myself for the crazy aunty role i love to fill. i just jumped on the bed, listened to bluegrass and tried standing on my head. preparing is going well...i'll try not to break anything. 

sometimes i find myself wanting to be in the future. or anywhere but where i am. i itch to travel and experience and be distracted from the not so sweet moments in life. but i am trying so hard not to run from everything. i'm trying to soak up all the moments, take things a day at a time and not plan so much. i'm slowly understanding the importance of roots, even though they are still not my favorite. 

but really. having the three cutest nephews in the world makes it easier to want to go home. 

my weekend is starting tomorrow and its gonna be a party. what are you doing? 

Posted on January 27, 2016 .