Maine | Summer Camping Trip

a few of my best friends are exploring Maine right now and as much as i wish i was with them, i kept thinking about the trip i took up there this summer with my dearest Colleen! 

Colleen and i are trying to keep a tradition of summer camping trips and this summer we decided we should drive all the way up to the top of the east coast and visit a national park for the 100th birthday. Acadia didn't disappoint. i was (still am!) in LOVE with Maine. it reminded me so much of the west coast and the people were so friendly and helpful. 

we drove around desert island, climbed on rocks, visited bar harbor, sat on a huge rocking horse, made the most amazing camp food, giggled around a fire, hunted for sea glass, searched tide pools, ate the most amazing mac and cheese and blueberry pie of my whole life, saw sailboats and watch the sun go down over a light house. i really can't pick a favorite part although bouldering in a dress was definitely up there on the list. 

i love all the photos from this adventure and most of all i love the i got to have it with my sweet friend. what a freaking dream. 

^^i can't even get over how cute she is!! (you should have heard how loud i got over the lighting in these next photos. some dancing happened.)

Posted on November 3, 2016 .