Fall Camping

dylan and i were talking about how crazy it is that last year none of us knew each other; some of us lived in different states even! it's truly amazing that God brings people from very different parts of the country to one place, plants us together and gives of an amazing gift of friendship. 

a few weeks ago some friends decided to go camping and hiking and boy howdy was that one of my favorite weekends this fall. we headed out after group on friday night, wearing a lot of layers and full of the giggles. i love camping just about more than most things in life. sleeping outside is one of the most refreshing things. even when you get hardly any sleep at all. i loved laying in my hammock and talking before we fell asleep. i loved hearing stories of sleep talking when we wake up. 

that morning as we sat around a fire we all took turns coming up with two words to describe each other. it was so fun to sit and listen to my friends intentionally affirm each other. i love that bond that believers get to have with each other. it's so special to be a part of the body of Christ and that time made me thankful all over again. 

after we ate breakfast we packed up and drove to a short hike at a waterfall where we explored, got very cold toes and ate our lunches on rocks.

friends are my favorite.

outside is my favorite. 

we drove home and danced with the elderly. blessings really do abound. 

below are our excited about this waterfall/i haven't slept at all faces...

Posted on December 2, 2016 .