Remember Who the Real Enemy Is...

i love the hunger games books and movies. 

its a seriously messed up premise, but i still love them. recently alena and i have been rewatching the movies and its making me want to re-read the books too. i love the characters and watching their growth throughout. last week we were watching the second movie and a line from it has been stuck in my head ever since. 

when Katniss is about the go into the arena for the 2nd time, her mentor Haymitch tells her to...

"remember who the real enemy is..."

here's a little background for you if you've never seen the movies. the capitol are the bad guys. they have 12 districts and every year they take a boy and a girl from each and make them fight to the death while they all watch it on TV. the point is to remind them they, (the 12) aren't in control. Katniss and her bff win the first games, only to have to fight in another one in the second book. like i said, very messed up premise.

so that brings us to the line that's stuck in the head right now. Katniss doesn't know it, but other people fighting in the games are planning a rebellion against the capitol and are actually trying to help her and her bff survive till they can get her out. (i relate, because i never know whats going on...)

i know that was a lot but stick with me here. 

its been a weird couple of weeks for me. relationships all over the board are being tested and poked and i think so often i get frustrated when the boat hits choppy seas. yes i would like everything to be daisy all the time. WHO WOULDN'T. when someone is being an absolute butthead (or maybe i am...?) i want to throw up a peace sign and dip. save the drama for your mama pu-lease. 

i think maybe thats why the movie line is so stuck in my head. because it speaks so loudly to actual life right now. sometimes we get so busy killing each other in the arena that we totally lose sight of the fact we have a common enemy. one who comes to steal, kill and destroy. and oh does he love to see believers fight and tear each other down. 

Jesus said, "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."

the good shepherd gives his life for the sheep (us) and thats how we get abundant life. we don't get it by fighting each other over who is right or wrong or annoying us so bad right now or not treating someone the way i think they should be treated...(oh oops.) we get to have a good life, good relationships and good days by remembering that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, (each other) and that we have a good father who is always there to restore, renew and give hope. heck yes we should remember who the enemy is and that he loves disunity. we need to be watchful for it. but more than that we should cling to the hope or our salvation, the one who conquers that enemy and unites us in the most special of bonds for his glory. 

for some weird reason the holidays can bring out the worst in people, (people being me.) let that not be said of us. remember to love your neighbor, (sister, brother, friend, parent, stranger) do all things without murmuring, and love & take care of the least. 

the best part of the end of that movie is that some of the 12 districts decided to work together and they get free

freedom is what i want. 



Posted on December 1, 2016 .