Travel | LA | Tacos, Donuts & Lights

while i was in california cesia and i got to walk around downtown riverside and see the sites! whenever i travel i get way to excited about trees. they are just so different everywhere you go, i think about how to climb them all. i honestly flipped out when we came across and orange tree. exciting times i tell you what. 

we stopped at tios tacos for lunch while we were there! i saw it on foodnetwork back in the day and it was such a neat spot to visit. also tacos on point. 

later on in our visit cesia took me into LA again and on the way we stopped at the donut man which is one of the places on the buzzfeed list i am diligently checking things off from. the donuts were sooooo good and there were way to many to narrow it down from so we ended up with a box full. (oops.) my favorite was definitely the tiger tail but i have no idea how one person could eat that by themselves. i mean i'm sure if you tried really hard you could do it, but isn't sharing more fun anyway? 

we all took a trip to see the LACMA lights one night and while i have absolutely no idea what they are for or what they mean or what inspired them, they were totally cool. its really fun to be ridiculous with friends. 

Posted on February 16, 2016 .