Galentines Day

here's what i need you to know. i love my ladies. i also love to celebrate and i really, i mean really really, love confetti. 

i still have a bit of a high from this past weekend. valentines day was such a hit and we gathered together as woman and ate chocolate and danced and threw sparkles all over our house. we giggled and talked about our friends wedding, we wore cute dresses and we wrapped it all up by going to the movies to cry over a nicholas sparks flick. 

i definitely didn't hate it. 

i love it when girls get together to just be sisters and love each other. thats what we got to celebrate this v-day. and it was the best! 

(please excuse this overload of party pictures i'm about to dump. i hope you experience the joy with us...)

Posted on February 16, 2016 .