This Week The Trend

all images from  pinterest ! 

all images from pinterest


  • gray and blue. y'all know i love gray too much. i'm sorry. this week has been rainy and cloudy and it looks like more of the same in the forecast. besides gray is prettyyyyy.


  • same book. but i did find treasure island in an abandoned trailer in the woods so hopefully starting that soon! 


  • um sweatpants? its not a good week to be a lady thats all i'm gonna say. that and i found the most amazing sweatpants this week and i'm probably never gonna wear real pants again.


  • oh man i wanna eat all the sweets. (see above about being a lady...) and i've been craving a good donut. why is oregon so far away? does anyone want to send me some bluestar? 


  • really so happy i got to be in lychburg for a couple days with friends! and i was able to be part of my little brothers engagement so that was extra exciting! gosh i love love. also i have a wonderful tribe. seriously the best people on earth. 


  • today i arrived in north carolina for a few days! hopefully my daddy will find an oil leak in my truck and i will get a lot of editing done. i'm definitely going to sleep soundly though. 
Posted on February 22, 2016 .