Travel | LA | The Getty, Observatory & Stan's Donuts.

who wants to fly my to california? because i officially want warm weather, hazy hills and all the donuts. really, i'm ready to go back. 

ready and a half. 

this last day we were in LA was definitely my favorite. the getty museum is huge and packed full of art i've dreamed of seeing. monet's haystacks and rouen cathedral, oh and a handful of renoir's. gosh it was dreamy. still pretty pumped about it.

we also got to hit up stan's donuts which has locations in LA and also chicago. their chocolate old fashioned in uh-mazing and i could eat about a dozen right now...  

i think the highlight of the whole trip was going up to the observatory and getting that view of los angeles. i could have sat on that wall for hours. it was just so quiet and peaceful, so far above everything. i loved it up there. and the view was amazing! i know the LA haze is like, gross or whatever but i think its kinda pretty. if i'm ever back in california i'm going to spend the day at that place. 

Posted on February 23, 2016 .