do you know how much i love camping? or glamping or anything that involves sleeping outside? the smell of fire, waking up in nature, getting tangled in a sleeping bag. all great things. all things that make me crave summer and camping weather and oh have i mentioned i'm seriously struggling with winter these days?

this fall leah and jane and jeremy and i decided last minute to run away for the weekend and camp/glamp at the cedars of lebanon. jeremy was playing at a church near by that weekend so it worked out great! we got to explore a little, found a barn and crawled inside some caves (my favorite thing ever) where i took what i think might be my favorite photo of 2015! (last photo.)

all in all my memories of this weekend are great. we spent too much time in a hammock, (all three girls ouch.) cooked yummy food, sat around a fire and walked through trees for a couple hours. i love being outside. but for sure and hands down, being outside with friends is the best ever. 

Posted on February 26, 2016 .