i've had commitment issues...with my walls. 

since i moved into this house i haven't hung a thing in my room. i have everywhere else in the house, just not on my walls. photos and frames have stayed stacked in a nice neat pile on my floor for months and every time i'd go to hang them up, i'd end up moving things around. 

i'm happy to tell you though, the other night i finally did it! i hung up John and Mt Rainier and a cute sloth and i even put a bird on it!

i don't do roots very well. i love bouncing around from place to place, spending time with the people i love who seem to be spread out all over this darn country. but i guess maybe it is kinda nice to have a place to hang your preverbal hat, or your sloth picture. its nice to have a place called home. 

Posted on February 3, 2016 .