Fake it

i have two pieces of clothing that belong to my parents. a gray t-shirt that i stole from my mom and a gray sweatshirt my dad gave to me after i would wear it the entire time i visited them. when he gave it to me he said i should remember every time i wear it that my daddy is praying for me. 

we giggle when people say adulting is hard but gosh thats the honest truth. so many big decisions, so much worry, things with health, things with relationships and then just to make us cry, they invented taxes. 

except i am a really blessed girl. because i have ben and karen in my corner. i know i can always go home and that gives me a little bit of fearlessness about the future. i wish that everyone had parents like mine. or at least clothing that when you wear it, reminds you that you fit into adult clothes and so probably you are one and so probably you can just fake it till you make it. 

happy friday boys and girls. 

Posted on February 5, 2016 .