i love to celebrate things. small things, big things, ridiculous things. it doesn't matter, i just love to be happy about things with other people. it is for that reason friends, i'm about to tell you we have something to celebrate together! 

(Party emojis here...)

y'all. i went out to breakfast with friends this sunday. i know that doesn't sound like much but let me tell you, its been exactly five months since i've been able to do regular life things in the morning. and breakfast is such a great time of day its been so sad to not be a part of it. BUT, i made plans, i woke up and i drove to breakfast and i ate something other than toast and as far as victories go this one feels like a big fat one for me. 

i'm now accepting breakfast dates of all kinds. 

i hope your week is something to celebrate guys. actually i'll tell you there is always something to celebrate if you search hard enough! here's my list of things i'm partying over today,

  • decaf coffee that doesn't taste like dish water. 
  • answered emails.
  • free essential oil!
  • chocolate pudding.
  • leggings amen and amen. 
  • that spring is coming!!
  • new babies.
  • snow.
  • a clean house and closet! (whoop!)
  • cute mugs. (heck yeah.)
  • snail mail and pen pals and the lady who sold me stamps because she was the cutest.
  • that jesus is trustworthy!
  • that love covers sin. 
  • wool socks being my best friend all winter long. 
Posted on February 8, 2016 .