Travel | LA | Santa Monica & Randy's Donuts

currently i'm watching big fat snowflakes fall from the sky outside my bedroom windows. 

its cold you guys. 

i was talking to my friend marly on the phone last night and we decided everything will feel a lot better when it starts warming up. winter is pretty but i think the lack of sunshine is hard this year. i'm really looking forward to march and spending some time in the sunshine state. 

speaking of warm places! this past december i got to spend some time in LA with one of my best friends! she was the greatest tour guid and took me to all my bucket list (donut) places. we spent an afternoon at the pier and we laughed and laughed and i got to act a tiny bit crazy but its okay because she loves me...i promise. 

i swear i wasn't kicking that man...i was dancing.

we also got to visit what is now my number 3 favorite donut place in the country, Randy's. best apple fritter i've ever had in my LIFE and you can't beat something thats got a giant donut on top of it. you just can't. (see my instagram for a pure bliss pic in front of said donut.) 

i have a few more photos to show you of my trip, but for now i gotta go warm up my feet somehow...winter wont last forever buds! 

Posted on February 9, 2016 .