This Week The Trend

all images are from  pinterest ! 

all images are from pinterest


  • all of them. this week i'm loving all the rich colors! these colors remind me of warmth and food and good thoughts. very home inspired. (probably because i just spent a week there...)


  • i've been reading too many blogs these days. all giving me the itch to travel, all making me want to create more. my favorites currently are this one, this one, or this one


  • y'all i bought glasses online! i also discovered the words pupillary distance (distance between your pupils) and added that to the top of my list of nasty words. really thats the only word on the list. but ew. anyway the glasses are great! obviously i didn't try them on before i bought them and they are a little large on my face...i look a little bit like sherman from mr. peabody but the greatest part is that there is no big scratch across my right eye!


  • i'm currently making bread in my bread machine so i'm probably going to eat that soon! other than that i'm trying to get sugar back out of my diet mostly. such fun! 


  • i know this is a day late, but gosh so many things are happening all at once. have i mentioned how excited i am its march? i'm so ready for spring and wedding season and lots of not slowing down for a few weeks. this is the most exciting! also march means spring training for baseball, shorts, my niece being born, seeing old friends and a big fat wad of change i've so been craving. i love a fresh month. 


  • finally back in tennessee! though i can't really leave the house unless its walking distance. (broken wilber and all that.) but its going to be warm this week so walking is GREAT.  
Posted on March 1, 2016 .