A Hike With Beaver

once, alena was sitting across the table from me and i asked her what her spirit animal was. without missing a beat she said,

"mm, probably a beaver." 

i don't think she even explained why it would be that, but whatever the reason, the name beaver is sticking in my head and as much as i love her real name, my future children might grow up to call her aunt beave. 

so thats great. she's great. in a wildly adventures germaphobe kind of way. and a big plus for our friendship is that she loves the outdoors as much as i do, and one D and owns a hammock. and really that, and a love for Jesus is all you need in a great friend. and so i'm thankful for her. 

last sunday we went to church (eating macaroons) and came home, changed into hiking clothes and set out to chase some waterfalls. we drove, sang loudly and parked our car at burgess falls. 

just a heads up everything is washed out and you can hike for about ten minutes before you have to turn around...

so we got back in the car and went over to commins falls where we had a nice hike, climbed over boulders and walked through freezing water up to our knees! we crossed the river on a log and climbed straight up the side of a cliff. eventually we strung up our hammocks and munched on trailmix while discussing nature and our favorite disney princes. 

it was one of those wonderful days that puts you to sleep hard when its all said and done. the kind of day that makes you smile just thinking about it, and the sort of place in time you'd travel back to if that was a thing. 

we should spend more time outside.

thanks for hiking with me beave. 

i know....we'll work on her picture taking skills soon.... hehe also twinned so hard and didn't even try. oops. 

Posted on March 12, 2016 .