Sunday Coffee

at this very moment my jeans are digging into my stomach as i lean over my computer. i was reading blogs, i am so very far behind in my blog reading. i'm also sipping on some stumptown coffee (praise hands) and listening to dave barnes latest. oh he is great. 

life has been busy and also very chill. i was just in florida photographing my niece's newborn self, and i decided while i was there i would take a mini vacation with my friend amanda. we had the greatest time being silly and snap chatting the days away. i am very torn between thinking snapchat is totally obnoxious and thinking its so fun. every time i post i roll my eyes at myself. 

i forgot how great it is to treat yo self. i travel a bunch, but never really take the time to chill out. no emails, no computer at all. it was extra wonderful let me tell you. i came home feeling refreshed and like this new season had actually started. 

life has been so full of surprises this year. both good and bad. i think i'm slowly learning to roll with the punches again. and thats so exciting for me because i feel like i've been asleep for a long time and i'm just waking up to life again. that actually sounds really dramatic and i'm sorry for that but i think its the truest thing i've written down in months. 

i think trusting the Lord may be something i'm never "good" at, but something i'm always learning to do. and maybe if i just continue to learn that over and over it will be okay. this morning i'm really thankful that he only gives his children good gifts and he wont withhold anything good thing from those that walk uprightly. he is so good to us y'all. 

i'm going to be in asheville for a while hanging out on the farm and getting some sessions finished. i'm also planning to hike my socks off. (funny because of course i don't wear socks to hike, chaco nation and all that...) hopefully there will be days for napping in the hammock too. gosh i hope you guys are having the greatest sunday and that you see as many crazy beards as i've seen this morning hashtag asheville. 

its a good day to have a good day. 

Posted on March 20, 2016 .