This Week The Trend

all images are from  pinterest ! 

all images are from pinterest


  • green green green. i have the spring fever the hardest and i am in a constant hyper state trying to be outside or eat salad or fruit or anything that is fresh, warm and springy. 


  • this week has been a mix of non stop dave barnes and catching up on podcasts. serial and branden harvey's sounds good, are my current faves. and oh dave, you did it again. 


  • i found this linen tank at a thrift store and let me tell you, i'm never going to take it off. its so comfy and its gray! it also says FLAX on the tag so its like a health shirt or hippy heart is happy.


  • i've been eating a lot of broccoli and cauliflower and also cucumbers. but also i had pizza and mexican popsicles this week so don't think i'm totally healthy. trying to get back on track with clean eating mostly. 


  • i'm excited to wash my sheets and blankets and hang them on a clothesline to dry. i'm like, ridiculously excited about this. i need to calm down. 


  • you guys are going to think i'm ridiculous but i'm just now finishing that kill order book. its a terrible book, don't read it, but i'm almost done and i'm v pumped to start something new! 


  • back in north carolina for a minute. vehicle problems plus a need to get a lot of work done and hey, theres a clothesline here so... also planning to hike some mountains this time around. I LOVE SPRING SO MUCH. 
Posted on March 21, 2016 .