This Week The Trend

all images are from  pinterest !

all images are from pinterest!


  • currently loving light and airy things. but suddenly a dark red (rasberry!) is super attractive. maybe its because i keep seeing that color in ice cream, or maybe not. either way, i want more of it in my life. 


  • this week i read a wrinkle in time, finished it it two days and then ordered the other three from amazon. i'll write a review as soon as i zip through the others. 


  • since the weather turned springy, i pulled out every gray tshirt i own and my ripped jeans and assumed the uniform of my most comfortable self. i saw this tee on pinterest ^^ and fell in love. trying to talk myself out of buying it to the max. also buns or as the hip kids call them these days, top knots. maybe because i'm being lazy with my hair, maybe because they're cool. we'll never know. (its because i'm being lazy with my hair...)


  • too much sugar thats for darn sure. this monday i'm getting back to eating clean! with maybe one cheat (latte) because i'm here to live life y'all! i'll tell you how it goes next week...


  • in my heart of hearts i am a total nerd and sometimes i fall into the black hole of youtube and it takes a while to get untangled. mostly rainy days or times i should be napping. this week i rediscovered good mythical morning and let me tell you, i've already watched too many. but oh i have cried tears from laughing so hard. if you've never seen one, this is my current favorite.


  • i've been hanging in north carolina still. truck troubles and my mom's homemade bread are keeping me here this week, but soon i will be heading back to smashville! 
Posted on March 28, 2016 .