Travel | North Carolina | Mt Sterling

i don't really think of asheville as a place i "visit" anymore. i've spent so much time here since my parents moved to the area, that its starting to feel just like another home. like, five hours away from home, but i have a bed, and a coffee shop so what else could i ask for?

this past weekend my little brother and his fiancee amy came to visit my parents too and we all decided to go hiking on saturday! after much discussion we settled on mt sterling which is right at the boarder of tennessee and north carolina. its about a five mile hike round trip with a 60' old fire tower at the summit so you know, anything that looks terrifying/awesome, we're in. 

i think the toughest part of the while experience was the drive to the actual trail head. thankfully dad was driving because the rest of us got car sick and fought off panic attacks from fear of falling off the side of a huge mountain. did i mention this is a one way gravel road? 

we made it to the summit in a little under two hours and climbed the (sketchy) tower for some of the best views i've seen of the smokies. you could feel the whole thing swaying in the wind and the entire time i was up there my knees were knocking. it was so neat. 

we ate lunch at the top and rolled our ankles many times on the way down. 

dad let us ride in the back of the truck on the way back down the 6.7 mile road down the mountain. we all decided it was much easier that way. 

^^have i mentioned how excited i am to call this girl my sister? 

Posted on March 29, 2016 .