Thankful List

i'm a little extra full of joy today so i thought i'd dump some thankfulness your way! 

  1. i'm thankful my niece was born healthy and happy (err?) this morning! i'm an auntie to a girl!! (FINALLY.) 
  2. i'm thankful for my nephew too. they are the most fun/crazy. (see above photos.)
  3. i'm thankful for warm oatmeal cookies and fuller house after work!
  4. i'm thankful for friends that share music and make me giggle. 
  5. i'm thankful i have a wonderful daddy who comes to my rescue to fix my truck. always. 
  6. i'm SO thankful its friday and that means pizza. 
  7. i'm thankful for work! 
  8. i'm thankful that this weekend is going to have the greatest weather amen. 
  9. i'm thankful i get to go to florida SOON (here i come tan!) and squeeze some precious friends!
  10. i'm thankful for new nail polish. i really am. 
  11. i'm thankful for new seasons, fresh starts and room to breathe! 
  12. oh man am i thankful i'm getting another sister this year! (party emoji)
  13. i'm thankful God doesn't leave us how he found us.
Posted on March 4, 2016 .