This Week The Trend

all images are from  pinterest

all images are from pinterest


  • anything springy and or the color of fruit. i'm in full fledge winter is over mode. pink, blue, yellow, orange, yes yes yes. 


  • i've been listening to a lot of old caedmons call and new audrey assad. such as this one!


  • would you believe dresses? me either. but suddenly twirling is fun! maybe because i'm so excited for the warm weather, but i've been loving a good skirt. (haven't tried to climb any trees yet though...) one of my goals for this year was to wear more dresses and now i feel like i might actually accomplish that. 


  • still with the sugar cravings and macaroons are an always present trouble. my friend brought me some from trader joes yesterday and we unashamedly ate them for breakfast on the way to church. i can't help it, they're magical. i want to try to make them i think.


  • i'm really thankful for days spent outside. being in nature and getting to climb over rocks and walk through (freezing) water is such a gift to my tired soul. this spring is right on time for me. (it always is praise Jesus.)


  • this week (at some point) i'm heading to florida to photograph sweet babies and some families. praying for no rain, minimal sun burn, and one day to just sleep on the beach and add to my freckle collection. can i get an amen? 


Posted on March 7, 2016 .