This Week The Trend

all images are from  Pinterest!  

all images are from Pinterest! 


  • Loving those light and bright colors. and always and forever gray. 


  • i  got a jean vest a while ago and i'm slightly ashamed by how much a wear it. i laughed out loud when i read a tweet that said millennial are dressing like 90's bullies now. truer words have never been spoken. i still love it though...


  • getting ready to start that third book in the wrinkle in time series. they are so weird, i wish i had read them a long time ago.


  • bless this cup of coffee i am drinking oh Lord. aside from a pipe breaking and my to do list running long, today has been fantastic. i ran with my friend, cleaned our whole house, and ate an enormous salad for lunch. this weather is absolutely the greatest.


  • home sweet home. i'm loving having weekends for exploring and adventures, or park days with baseball. its been a really great spring y'all. 
Posted on April 25, 2016 .