This Week The Trend

all images are from  Pinterest ! 

all images are from Pinterest


Totally green. i am wishing i had more green clothes, everything inspiring right now is green, maybe because i know summer (the greenest!) is almost here, or maybe because green is my legit favorite color. whatever, its beautiful right?!


I forgot that a goal i had for this year was to wear more dresses/skirts. i'm going to try being better at that this week. (currently in yoga pants so ehhh.)


I just finished Me Before You and i'll just say if you feel like sobbing, this is the book for you! i'm just now starting the 3rd book in the Wrinkle In Time series. i think its going to be great! 


i have been struggling a little this week with life and change and healing. finding out i'm impatient and i need to allow myself more time than i wish. ah yes, growing. ew. 


can i get a round of applause for salads? every. dang. day. (praise hands.)


i just got back from a trip to lynchburg to watch my little brother graduate(?!?!?) college! i still can't believe it. but oooooh lynchburg i love you forever. 

Posted on May 16, 2016 .