Colorado Adventch (proper abbreviation of adventure.)

guys i've always wanted to go to colorado. 

it shouldn't surprise me when God answers one of my silly prayers but it totally does. this past christmas i was praying about work and Gods provision and i jokingly asked him if he could get me a wedding in colorado because i would looooove to go there and visit my friend Erin. well look at that, he did just the thing i asked for and i was able to spend a couple days with one of the (mc)coolest (pun intended) gals i know. 

i met erin in one of my art classes in college and immediately loved her. she is amazingly talented, crazy witty and to top it all off, she has the greatest laugh of all time. it sounds like its bubbling out of her and i admit to trying (hard) to make her laugh just so i can giggle along. we share a deep love for the target lady, abbreviated words, being outdoors and eating (not so) gluten free. (hehe) i hadn't seen her in years (whaaaa?!) and was really surprised how the Lord has written similar, and yet totally different stories for each of us. she is a keeper for sure. 

while i visited we celebrated Daves (erin's bf) birthday by camping and climbing! it was my first time climbing not in a gym and it was glorious. i kept saying gyms will never be fun again... a bunch of their friends came out to camp and it was so great sitting around a fire with a bunch of strangers that were the nicest/funniest. erin has a really great group of people surrounding her and i was so excited to get to be a part of it for a minute! 

i shot my gorgeous wedding that saturday and we sat on a couch and watched a movie where literally everyone dies in the end. i don't recommend it, but there were cupcakes involved so... 

on sunday we went to church which again was so great. what a fun community! we picnicked on a wall and looked at the beautiful pikes peak while we tried to come up with a name for erin pottery business. (Shameless plug here.) erin makes beautiful things. buy them, love them, treat them with respect... 

my last day erin took me to garden of the gods where we walk/ran around because we might have had to pee by then and also to the little town of manitou springs where we did indeed drink from the fountain of youth as well as a bunch of other disgusting er i mean distinguished(?) mineral springs. there was a lot of gagging faces and giggles. 

the bottom line here is that colorado was everything great i imagined it would be, and i wish it wasn't so far away. i had the best time catching up with my friend and being obnoxious on snap chat and meeting a group of people i wish i lived near. 

looks like i'll have to go back...?

^^^this is why we're friends. such glamor. 

^^^also this, this is why we're friends...guys i think she likes him. (heheh) 

erin helps me keep it real. #gramthat #glutenfree #liveauthentic #doitforthegram #eatclean #ish

Posted on May 26, 2016 .