A Pop in New York

when colleen and i set off for a little summer adventure we were prepared with snacks and a selfie stick. 

our first stop was actually at my aunt and uncles in the mountains of virginia. thats the first time in my life i liked tomatoes so its worth mentioning. i've been eating them ever since! we headed out the next morning to upstate new york to visit my married friends who live right smack in the center of fort ann. we got there in the afternoon and jumped right back in the car for a quick hike to a waterfall nearby. 

the hike was beautiful and the perfect thing after a day in the truck. did i mention we hit a bird? it flew right into my windshield! i may have almost said something i shouldn't...it was a big bird okay.

i don't have photos of all the fun things we did while we were there, i.e. touring the cheese farm. but here are a few from our little pit stop in the good old Adirondacks.  

just kidding this is us with Dave the cheese farmer oh my gosh he is the cutest. he really loves his cheeses...

Posted on August 11, 2016 .