Charleston | A trip with Mama

once upon a time i went to charleston south carolina just to get a donut. 

my mom came with me! okay okay, we both had been wanting to visit for a long time and it just so happened that there was a donut on my list i hadn't checked off yet! so we did very little planning, picked some dates and went for it. 

i actually had the beginning stages of bronchitis (bless my mother for sleeping in the same room as me) and it was so hot those days we sweated like a dyslexic at a spelling bee. 

but let me tell you, my mom is the best travel partner. i could travel the world with her and never get sick of her company. she is the chillest, loves all the food types, and we drive cars the same way. she is also a great conversationalist and i think thats why i enjoy her the most. 

we ate breakfast at the cutest little coffee shop, walked around downtown and the market, sipped lemonade to quench the heatstroke, and died and went to heaven over some hushpuppies. (i would go back for those hushpuppies...) we checked off Glazed from my donut list with a purple goat and visited the oldest living thing east of the mississippi, the angel oak. it was the sweetest little trip and having my mama there made it ever sweeter! 

I probably took way too many photos of this little lemonade place. it had the best lighting though! 

by the way, did you know it was my mama's birthday today? she is the most special human i have ever known. just the other day i was telling someone i still cry when i leave her. i want to be just like my mom when i grow up. here's to another year greater.

i love you mom. thanks for encouraging the adventures. 

Posted on August 22, 2016 .