In Case You Were Wondering...

here's a little life update in list form:

  1. this photo is from our Maine trip this summer. i am very behind on blogging.
  2. i'm sitting on my couch with a garlic poultice smashed to my chest. it has been here all day and i'm immune to its smell. 
  3. i also have an inhaler because i love to get bronchitis in the middle of the summer right before i fly across the country to shoot a wedding. 
  4. i'm really excited to shoot a wedding in california next weekend. 
  5. you should probably be following my snapchat for all the travel and adventure thats finna bout to happen. 
  6. the longboard sticker collection is coming along nicely. 
  7. my room is a mess.
  8. my room smells like garlic.
  9. i took a tumble at the fair last night and i keep watching the video because it makes me laugh every single time. 
  10. i'm sad summer is ending but i'm also so excited for fall i could flip. 
  11. the weddings i'm shooting this fall are all gonna be killer. i. can't. wait. 
  12. my current favorite thing is church. i don't think its leaving the top of the list any time soon. 
  13. i bought four dollar keds at the thrift store and i think they may be the best purchase of the summer. currently wearing them. 
  14. i really, and i do mean really, need to buy a bed. or i need someone to buy me a bed. 
  15. i had a great hair day two days ago. 
  16. i realized its been a really long time since i updated you all on life and how things are going. i'm sorry about that. here is another list within the list:
    • i'm doing well other than the bronchitis.
    • health wise i'm pretty great! 
    • almost back to my normal weight although i think i'm gonna have to lift weights to get there all the way. 
    • i eat pretty normal again just not a lot of gluten or processed foods. i make exceptions for donuts obviously. 
    • praising the Lord i can make exceptions for donuts again. 
    • single as a slice of american cheese and loving it again. 
    • craving grilled cheese now.
    • favorite activities of the summer include bouldering, long boarding, church, bible study and swimming with ruthie. 
  17. i've been learning so many good and painful things about who i am (or should be) in Christ this year. and i love it all. i love the feeling of growth even when its a little uncomfy. 
  18. i hate watching friends be in pain. whether its over a parent, relationship or lesson from Jesus, i'm not a fan of the struggle. i'm learning how to walk with, when i can do absolutely nothing but walk. 
  19. the election has me stressing. 
  20. i'm really really really really really really really really thankful i get to live in franklin tennessee with the people i get to do life with and the church i get to worship at and the family i get to be near. i love 2016. 
Posted on August 8, 2016 .