A Wednesday Nugget

confession; my room is such a mess. thats not even true, its just my bed. the floor around it is totally clean, but my bed is covered in clothes and books and chords all with the purpose of organizing before the trip this weekend. normally i am great at packing and being prepared but for some reason i've managed to make it through this whole week without knowing what day it is and just realized we are leaving tomorrow. 

being busy is something i love and also hate. i love to feel like i'm on a mission and checking off accomplishments is such a great feeling! but i also hate when the business keeps me from cleaning my room up and i end up just sleeping on top of my clothes each night. 

i just got home from running errands (during which i found what could be the greatest gray sweater of all time because we all know i don't own enough gray clothing...) and when i got home i needed to start some cooking and get back to work on the wedding i'm trying to finish. i dumped all the things in my hands on the ever growing pile that is my bed and started to get busy immediately. 

about an hour later a funny thing happened! i was about to sit down at my desk to edit and felt like i really needed to lay down for a minute. so i shoved the pile over a bit and crawled into my bed. it only took about a minute for the Lord to gently remind me that here, (in my bed) i'm surrounded by busy and stuff and piles but there is a time for everything (Ecc 3) and certainly there is a time for me to be still. and so i just laid there. and i had to fight the feeling that i was wasting time. but after a little while of praying my ears were totally drenched. (does anyone else's tears go into their ears when they cry laying down?) and i felt like me and Jesus had finally had our good talk today. 

so again i am thankful that he loves us too much to leave us alone. and when we are running around in our business he is patient with us till we are ready to listen. he is so good, and he doesn't even mind that my room is still a mess. 

Posted on January 25, 2017 .