The Redwoods


let me state at the beginning of this that we actually never saw bigfoot. and we are both sad about it because there were so many maps portraying sitings. i feel gypped, is what i'm saying. 

the redwoods are amazing. (duh) we rolled into the avenue of the giants that night and got out of our car just to hug a tree. we ate an amazing dinner at the diner down the road from our air b&b and promptly fell into bed for one of the best sleeps of my life. we had decided to break up our camping with one night in a real bed and enjoy a real bathroom. it was totally worth it and the old motor lodge we stayed in was surprisingly clean! the bed was incredibly comfortable and the woman working the front desk looked for sure like she had seen a bigfoot in her day...but i was too chicken to ask. 

the next morning we slept in till seven and lazily made our way over to a cafe further down the road. that turned out to be the best meal i ate on this trip. i just love chorizo so much okay? our waitress was so kind and she told us about the founders tree falling when she was younger and how even though she was 2 miles away, it felt like an earthquake when it hit. she told us where to find it and we headed out for a day of exploring and hunting the sasquatch. (for the record, if you didn't get to watch our insta story that day i feel really, really sad for you. because it was hilarious and there might have been some sitings...)

its weird to think about now but we literally just walked around the woods for days looking up into the trees. i have no idea how many times we drove up and down the avenue, finding different big trees on the map. it was incredible. i wish with my whole heart we had a video of the moment we were driving on one of the backroads and alena yelled "HOLE!" and i swerved to miss a giant pothole in the road only to see a truck coming in the other lane when alena yelled "TRUCK!" and we swerved back. i hit neither one for the recored but for some reason the whole thing was hilarious and we didn't stop giggling about it for hours.

we also had an episode while we were exploring around the eel river. we had climbed down an embankment and crossed through the water to skip rocks on the bank of the other side. when we had started to head back to the car we spotted a little water snake swimming along with the current. honestly the thing was tiny but in alenas defense it did pop up under a rock looking at we gave the snake a wide girth as we walked back across the river and I'm not sure if she got spooked near the deep part but alena shot through water so fast that a wave of liquid swashed up around her backside and soaked her butt. when i tell you i was laughing hard i mean that i couldn't even get up the embankment. i was helplessly clinging to a root still in the water and if that snake had come after us i would have died because i couldn't move from laughter. it was one of the funniest things i've ever seen. 

we camped and ate chicken noodle soup that night and i know by the photos you'd think it was freezing but it really was the perfect camping weather. and speaking of weather, i feel like i need to give a shout out to california for that because both alena and i had probably the best hair week of our entire lives and sometimes i get a little sad knowing that i will never have my california hair here in tenneesee. its fine. i will be fine. 

again, here are way too many pictures and a few self indulgent video clips from our trip to the redwoods! 

Posted on October 11, 2017 .