The Golden Coast | San Fran


we would do it all backwards now. we've talked about this a lot, coming out of being in the woods for almost a week and jumping right into a huge city was weird. we felt like weirdos. we weren't sure how to drive or talk to strangers and even though san fran was amazing, we know both of us were zoning out almost the whole time. 

we drove down rout 1 as far as santa rosa and stopped along the coast to dip our toes in the freezing pacific. we warmed up once we hit the volleyball capital of cali and ate the best fish tacos of my life. i would go back just for those...

we spent that night at the wonderful and a half linda stamps house and thats another reason i would go straight back to california. the mom soul of that lady is to die for and i loved her from the minute she squeezed me. 

our day in san francisco was amazing and full of food we should never eat. we saw alcatraz, walked around the pier and i ate a lot of bread. all good things and only a little i regret. we drove on lombard street and got the best manicure of our existence because like i said, we had been in the woods for a week. we made sure to see all the full house houses and rounded out our last day by waving goodbye to the ocean again. 

all this reminiscing has me ready for our next it summer yet? 

and here we are being cool... ^^

Posted on December 13, 2017 .