Brian & Ashley | Wed


i'm just going to tell you upfront that this was one of my favorite weddings of all time. partly because it was a clear answered prayer of me asking the Lord to let me shoot a wedding on the west coast, (look at God!) and partly because this couple was the kind of couple dreams are made of. they were surrounded by amazing family and friends, so full of life and love and gosh darn it they were just the most beautiful to photograph! 

the weather in san diego in decemeber was flawless. we had that cool pacific breeze blowing at all times and as their people gathered by the water for the ceremony, the songs of friends filled up the air around us. the sun was shining and we giggled and cried as they said their vows. 

we were able to shoot at the beach for bridal portraits and the field of succulents surrounding them, oh man i can't even tell you how much i was shrieking. it was SO much fun to shoot and both Ashley and Brian were so dreamy to photograph my job was just dancing around and pressing buttons. 

we danced our socks off at the reception and cried a little more during the toasts. i ate a few too many macaroons before the bride and groom hugged their family and said their goodbyes. one of my favorite things about this wedding was how much ashley and i kept talking about it after the day. i love being excited with people and ash might take the cake on that. such a beautiful couple all this time later and i'm still totally in love. 

Posted on March 25, 2017 .