LA | Round Two

this past summer my friend cesia was getting married and i had the opportunity to fly in to shoot the wedding. a couple of our other friends from college flew in as well and it was such a great time being together again. we did so much giggling that trip it made me miss college a little bit! (well the part of college that is giggling and hanging out with friends...)

our friend noah and i flew in together and ended exploring as much of LA as we could in one day. as much as i love exploring, can i tell you how much LA traffic is the absolute worst? if you've ever been then you know, but gosh you would think we could work out some kind of public transportation. other than its demoralizing traffic, i love that place! we had amazing coffee, tacos and donuts, we walked on the pier and ate ice cream, saw the city from above and just enjoyed the end of summer in california. 

looking at these photos is making me wish for warm weather SO HARD. its also reminding me how fun it is to travel with another artist because at least half these photos and videos are things noah shot. maybe its the winter getting to me but who is ready for more adventure now?!

Posted on February 9, 2017 .