Oh Oregon.

the above picture just about sums up how i feel today. allergies are hitting me hard and i would love nothing more than to relax on a couch like the man in this photo. maybe throw a big bag of popcorn on top of that belly and we're all set. 

spring is in full swing here in tennessee and though i'm incredibly behind on my blogging i'm starting to be okay with that. you will just have to wait til the next season to see what i've been up to! 

so lets just cover winter activities shall we? 

this past january i got to live the dream once more and shoot a wedding out in Oregon! (cue heart eyes)

that post will come at a later date because its unbelievably amazing and deserves a post dedicated to just that. 

alena had a bunch of extra miles with southwest so she joined in the adventure with me and our friend cody is from there so he decided to join in the plane ride and go home to see his family. (flying with friends is so fun/we missed you dylan #bestfriendsbestfriends) before we headed out to bend where the wedding was, we got the chance to see a little bit of portland and hang out with cody's family for the day. y'all it was SO FUN. i love seeing any place in one day because you cram as many cool things as possibly into a few short hours and it always lives up to the hype. this was my third time visiting portland and i still loved every minute of it! 

we ate bluestar, (hallelujah) drank stump town, wandered around the streets for a bit, drove through the gorge and stopped at a few falls, explored through the snow, and ate a delicious dinner in a place a can't remember the name of. my friend jared picked us up to take us out to bend and stopped along the way to give us some highlights like the inn where the shining was filmed, places they love to climb out there and one of the best views of mount hood. he also drove us around for the very short time we were in town and gave us the best tour of coffee and food. (special shout out for that because ya girl loves the good coffee.) it was such an amazing trip and just looking through these photos i am ready to go back anytime!

y'all i love the west, 

Posted on April 17, 2017 .