Adventure Take 2

i have a theory that hiking brings people together like no other activity does. its just people, sweaty and gross, surrounded by other sweaty and gross people in the middle of nowhere encouraging each other to the top. 

how beautiful is that? no distractions just sweet company. we went on another hike a few days ago and it was just a little baby one but so many friends that don't know each other well showed up to explore, swim, climb on rocks and sit around to watch the sun go down and see some stars. 

i had so much fun having a ton of little conversations on the hike and snapping photos of beautiful friends making friends! our only casualty was a pair of sunglasses going over the edge so we can call that a win in my book. 

my favorite part of this hike was sitting on top of the bluff watching the thousands of fireflies light up across the river. Tennessee, you beautiful tropical fish. 

who is ready for the next hike?!

Posted on July 20, 2017 .