Sunday Adventuring

dylan, marigrace, me, abby, kenny & tara. 

not your average group that hangs out together most of the time. i would have said these were all my friends but on a very individual level. but boy, i think thats part of the beauty of this day, we got to explore together and walked away knowing each other just a little bit better than when we started. 

i learned that marigrace has a beautiful singing voice and sometimes almost drowns from laughing. i learned that abby is up for anything and loves exploring as much as i do. i learned that kenny isn't afraid to throw rocks at snakes and tara is the queen of boomerangs. i learned that dylan can actually take a fantastic photo and is faster than me at running across huge rocks. (but thats just because his legs are three times the length of mine. 

when i say it was a great day i'm not even kidding a little bit. waterfalls always blow my mind at the pure force the water is coming down with. and this one comes straight out of the side of a hill.  we had fantastic conversation all afternoon and laughed so many times over what i don't even remember. 

the very best part of the day for me was standing on top of the little falls with dylan and marigrace, watching the golden light make everything around us look like heaven. i'm not even going to lie, we started singing to Jesus and as cheesy as that sounds it was exactly what the moment called for. 

i love you summer. also hashtag chaco nation hashtag patagonia snobs hashtag live authentic hashtag keep exploring. 

Posted on June 6, 2017 .