i think yosemite is going to be that thing for me, that whenever i get stressed or overwhelmed i turn to alena and say, "you wanna go to yosemite??" 

i had dreamed about the day i would stand looking at half dome and the history in the rocks of yosemite. alena and i had talked about it so much and we decided that this was the summer. we were just going to bite the bullet and go. because yolo and all that. 

the valley was everything i imagined times one thousand. i literally cannot describe it. pictures will never do it justice and if i could take every person i know it would still never be enough. God blew my mind with his creation and i feel like that's an understatement. i really wanted to cry, because i felt like that would accurately describe all my feelings about seeing it in person but actually the only thing we did was laugh. we couldn't stop laughing really. and now i'm pretty sure that's what it will be like in heaven. 

i think we planned our trip like crazed women though, throwing things together kind of last minute and figuring things out on the fly. but my grandfather would be so proud of how safe we were when it came to all things bear and wildlife related. safety first and all that. we locked things in bear things and didn't leave any food in our tent. i've read a walk in the woods by bill bryson and his bear attack stories were enough to scare me into preservation. but look! we made eat, uneaten and here today! thanks so much bill.  

our first day we hiked to north dome and may lake, a total of (and unplanned) 15.4 miles (whoops!) and the views were incredible. i could have stayed up there all day just staring at a rock. ridiculous? maybe but you can never understand it unless you're standing in front of it. 

our second day we were so sore from hiking it was hard to stand up. so with giggles and a lot of pain we waddled around the valley and stretched out. we climbed to the base of yosemite falls, sat in our hammocks and wrote post cards to all our friends, and ended the day by bouldering in camp four. (the birth place of rock climbing) when i tell you that was living the dream, i'm not exaggerating one bit. it was so fun, no matter how sore we were! 

our camp site was a little outside the park and owned by two very crusty old brothers who were super helpful in tips for the park and getting us set up with our site. i had a great conversation with the older of the two one night but honestly couldn't tell you what we talked about because his headlamp was shining directly in my eyes which was making me laugh and i think thats really all i remember. 

if i could go back every year i would. i think alena would say the same. we turned out to be perfect camping buds and i grew a deeper appreciation for her "roughing it" while being a germaphobe. always and forever proud to know that best friend of mine. i wouldn't want to see america with anyone else. now here are far too many photos of three days. and a video for over stimulation. because we got excited and i'm not even sorry about it. 

Posted on October 4, 2017 .