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Elijah & Amy | Engagement

if you know me at all, then you know my little brother is my best friend. my favorite person, my chief beef, my brain twin and a guy whose had my back since we were wee babes. i love him so much and i'll tell you honestly when he got a girlfriend i got a little jealous. 

well it turns out that i love this girl friend although maybe not quiiiiiite as much as my brother does because this spring he got down on one knee, washed her feet and asked her to be his wife for like, forever. i had the absolute joy of hiding in the bushed and capturing the while thing. God was so good that day because it rained the entire day but just happened to stop for one hour when the proposal went down. i am a firm believer in changing the weather through prayer. (he always listens.)

after he put a ring on it we shot their engagement pictures and can i tell you how much in love with them i am?! that hazy cloud cover made the dreamiest lighting and these two just giggled and smiled the whole time. 

i like love. and i like the soon to be other sister. and i love that my family is growing. 

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Moriah | Senior Session


I've had to narrow these down three times and finally settled on just sharing two parts of this wonderfully hip senior session. my sweet friend Moe is just a picture of loveliness on the outside and her insides are the same but bursting with joy and laughter. moriah is such a lady, such a tomboy, and such a kindred spirit. oh did we ever squeal and dance around like little girls in this field! what is it about horses that turns our normally calm selves into wild hearted adventurers who could probably ride that bareback…i mean if we needed to. 

shooting this session was a dream for me. there were so many giggles and rounded eyes and really honestly it just made my heart pump hard with happiness. moe, thanks for being such a sweet example of Jesus and loving life and laughing with, and at me. you are quite the young lady and i can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for your future. oh and thanks for being so darn good looking. 

here are just a few of my favorites...

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Boyhood II

Boys will be boys i guess.
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Say Hi.

guys. i have always wanted this friend. i've always wanted a wild, free spirited dancer friend. like, always always. i think rachel is my spirit animal and i'm so proud to introduce her to you. she writes over at wild laurel blog and she's great. she also just wrote and published a book and i want you to know her okay? she is loud and fun but also deep and real and i binge read her blog when i visited the first time. basically the friend everyone needs. she also wears really creative pants and has moments of minimalism. friends and other friends, please go say hi. 

also she's a natural in front of the camera did i win some kind of person lottery or something? 

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Mama | Portrait

all i know is that i loved her the minute she kissed my cheeks.

all i know is that she is beautiful.

all i know is that she is colorful.

all i know is that her eyes hold many stories.

all i know is that her cheeks have smiled over and over.

and that her strength shows in the way she walks. 

all i know is that i wish we spoke the same language because i would sit down for hours with her and listen to anything she said. 

all i know is that i could do this sort of thing for the rest of my life and be happy.

thank you so much mama for letting me photograph you and i hope you know by my (huge) smile, that i loved every minute of it. you are lovely. 

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