Wednesday Sessions | Madill Family

years ago, when i was about five, i broke my ankle and was in a cast. a boy tried to help me and i said something err...cough, not very nice to him. he and his brothers threw pine cones at us girls after all and there was no way i was letting him near me. that boy was/is my brother in law David.

i believe our moms were friends first. then our dads. us kids have know each other since babyhood and when my sister grew up and married that boy i can't say i was mad. he turned out to be pretty great, and he stopped throwing pine cones at girls...

they have been married for 8 years now and have three sons. those little boys are one of the biggest reasons i move to tennessee. their little hands and fat cheeks are sure to put a smile on my face and snuggles from that chubby little baby constantly melt me.

this family has shown me hospitality like i could never imagine and will never be able to repay. i love them with my whole heart and i am so thankful i get to do life with them.

also sheesh these littles are beautiful.

my sister and her husband have never had professional pictures done, so it was kinda extra exciting to get to photograph them when they had no idea how good they could look. i love the way these turned out. high five winter, high five...

Posted on February 18, 2015 .