Its Raining Its Monday Its June

i could start this blog out by saying how poorly i've been doing at keeping up with you on here, or maybe something about the fact its still raining, or even tell you all i've eaten today has been sweets. well except some cheese. OR i could tell you how much i wish i was on the west coast today because i have the itch to camp. but i suppose i'll just say hello, how are you? long time no see. (write?) happy june 1rst!

gosh i'm in a creative funk! i think its time to go back to new york? maybe not, but maybe yes. i miss taking pictures for fun. i get so lazy because i have an iphone but i need to carry around my camera more this summer. i really do.

i'm going to write out my summer goals here because i've been thinking about them a lot throughout may. i don't know when the first official day of summer is but june first sounds like summer to me so starting today i want to be working at these goals. 

  1. take my camera places and take pictures of more things. (that was a totally uncool way to phrase that but you know what i mean. i have to be more intentional with my photography, more artistic and make more time for this form of art. i fear if i don't it will become just my job and then it will totally lose its loveliness.
  2. drink more water than coffee. i'm struggling with this one...
  3. camp more.
  4. hike a mountain a month. preferably two.
  5. read two books a month. i love to read i just don't make time for it.
  6. visit erin mccool gosh darnit!
  7. mets game.
  8. Niagara falls.
  9. NYC with kimber
  10. um find a place to live? haha its time to settle a bit i guess.
  11. book two more fall weddings.
  12. read the old testament twice.
  13. oh gosh make better playlists for my roadtrips.
  14. road trip with a friend (dog doesn't count...)
  15. visit my oldest brother and go to the beach.
  16. meet and make friends with seven strangers.
  17. eat more Popsicle.

this list is unfinished but i can't think of anything else. i hope the sun comes out tomorrow.

Posted on June 1, 2015 .